In 2010, I voted no on the Affordable Care Act because I did not believe it would lower the cost of heath insurance, it would not fix the regional disparities in our Medicare reimbursement rates, and it would only cover around 30 percent of the uninsured people in my district.

However, the ACA is now the law of the land, and with a Democratic-controlled Senate, and President Obama in office, voting to repeal the law makes no sense. I believe we can fix and improve the law without having to get rid of the reforms that make sense.

For instance, the ACA has gotten rid of pre-existing condition exclusions and abolishes discrimination based on disabilities, having a high-risk job, or being a cancer survivor. Insurance companies can no longer limit or deny care when you get sick or your child gets sick, and they can no longer put annual limits on your coverage so you won’t go bankrupt if you have major medical costs.

Furthermore, the ACA allows the Food and Drug Administration to approve more generic drugs, improves treatments and research for chronic illnesses, closes the Medicare Prescription Drug donut hole, pays hospitals and providers based on quality of care rather than quantity of services, and encourages more medical providers to help in underserved rural areas.

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